How to write best content for blogging based on SEO

 How to write best content for blogging based on SEO

Blogging is Pasion of many peoples. Its interesting to write content so the visitors can read and understand things from our knowledge. But all of us writing content not just for writing, everyone need to read their content by many one. So this content will teach you How to write best content for blogging based on SEO. 

How to write best content for blogging based on SEO

 In the case of Online blogging most of the visitors are coming from Google search engine or other search engines. In order to get more visitors to our content, it should be written based on SEO, so it may be highlighted at the top of Google. This post will help you to make your content to the best one in the Google, so you will get the most number of visitors.

How to write best content for blogging based on SEO ?

  • SEO Titles  (H1, H2, H3)
  • Content length
  • Images
  • Image Alts
  • Focus Keyword
  • Internal Linking
  • External linking

SEO Titles  (H1, H2, H3)

The Post should contain Main Heading, Heading, Sub Heading and Minor Heading. The content title is one which notify the brief details of what written below of title. So the Heading should be Good as the content.
The Google crawls the heading before the content to know the details of content and it will be crawled fast if you have all types of heading written above.

Content Length

The Content is the main item of Blogging, Content should be readable and unique. Using the spinner or other writing tools may result negativizes of your post. The content should includes

- Focus Keyword
- Main Title

The first paragraph should be start with the Title of the post which includes the Focus Keywords.

Images and Image Alt

The content should be rich with Images, there should be  minimum 1 Image and don't forget to add alt to that image. The Alt of any one of Image should be included with the Focus keyword

Focus Keywords

Focus keyword is the Word or two words which is the main focus of this content, which means if anyone search of google with a word (Focus keyword). your content comes first. So we need to Select a good Focus keyword which have huge search volume and less competition

The keyword selection is important, we need to select the keyword by which huge people are searching for and it will be better if the word is not used in more website, means competition is less, so your website post will comes first.

Internal Linking and External Linking

Internal linking means link the words of your content with the link of your same website, which will increase your google spider scrolling. External linking is linking words with external website link.

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