How to add your website content to Google [Fastest Scrolling Method]

How to add your website content to Google [Fastest Scrolling Method] 

We all have website but our website are not popular, Why? Yes there is an answer for that thats why we decided to make this post How to add your website content to Google [Fastest Scrolling Method]. After reading this post you will have an answer and Solution for this Question. Through out this post we will teach you how to make your website popular and get more visitors through Google Search engin and also you can try other search engines too.

How to add your website content to Google [Fastest Scrolling Method]

So lets move to the content, before that you should completely ready to follow up each and every things in this topic, because without that you will never have a solution for this. This is the best way to make your content popular without paid promotion.

How to add your website content to Google ?

First of all you need to register and login with "Google Webmaster Search Console ". Its free and user-friendly.

In order to register there is a verification of your website by many methods like, Adding HTML code or Using TXT record etc...

After completing registration don't forget to add Sitemap in Google Webmaster Search Console
That's all, now onwards you have the full access of Google Webmaster Search Console.

Using this Your contents will get read by Google, faster and Faster... If your content or niche is daily needed things , then you will get a huge visitors.

The pages per day graph at the top is arguably the most important of the three, since it shows how frequently Google is crawling and indexing your content. 

The more Google crawls your site, the better. 

Though you can’t directly impact your site’s crawl rate, you can safely assume that if Google is crawling your site at a consistent speed, your site is in decent shape.

 If you see a sudden drop, though, this could indicate a problem like broken links or unsupported content. Keeping an eye on this frequency can help you identify potential issues before they turn into real problems.

How to Add your website to Google Webmaster Console ?

2.  Then you can verify your website by many methods

We recommend HTML Tag option, which is simple to add and verify your website. Just copy the code provided below HTML Tag, and paste it in your header area and click on Verify.

4. Now Add your sitemap, you can find the option at the left side 

Sitemap will be look like  

That's all, adding sitemap will encourage Google to crawl our website easily and the Google search engine can quickly get information about new post or content which are added to our website.

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