How to Move a WordPress Website to a New Domain | WordPress Migration

What's up guys welcome to another Tutorial in this one I'm going to be showing you how to move a WordPress website to a new domain and this process is called migration. so why would you want to move WordPress website well maybe you bought a new domain name that wasn't available before 

when you first started your website or maybe you bought a website from someone and you’d like to move it over to your own domain or maybe you switched hosting companies whatever the reason I'm going to show you how to move it with just one simple plugin okays let's get started step number one is to get a domain name so if you don’t have a domain name then you won't have anywhere to move your, WordPress website to so let me show you where to get a good one so if you need a domain or hosting plan go ahead and click on the first link in the description or you can just go to create a pro website camelish hosting and this will take you toe special co-branded landing page I have with Hesitator where you can get domain name and a hosting plan for huge discount so I'm just going to go ahead and choose the cheapest plan which is the hatchling and then here is where youkan just register a new domain name so you can type in any domain you want like create a cool website com which I own this one so it's going to come up as negative but this is where you can search for a new domain and if you scroll down you can add privacy protection to that domain you can change your hosting plan and you can just entering your billing info add additional services or uncheck them if you'd like .
How to Move a WordPress Website to a New Domain

then you can see we've got our coupon code here which is just create apron website and that's what gets you your massive discount and this is my affiliate link so I do receive a little bit of commission for this but this just kind of funds these free YouTube tutorials that I'm doing and it saves you money so it's a win-win for both but if you just need a domain name and you don’t need a hosting plan you can just go back to the Hostgator symbol up here to go back to home and then you can just click on domains and then you can just register a domain right here and buy it by itself okay now step number two is to install WordPress to this new domain which you can do so by clicking on the very first link in the description and that will show, you how to do it in less than 60 seconds and it's totally step-by-step super easy to do so once you’ve done that now we can move on to step number three which is to install the migration plugin so let's go ahead and do that okay so this is the current web site that I have that I want to move over toe new domain so what we want to do is install a plugin on this account so we’re going to go to the WordPress dashboard for this website that I just showed you and we're just going to go over to plugins and then go over to add new now just go up to the search bar at the top right and type in all-in-one and then you'll see all-in-one WordPress migration right here so.

what we want to do is just install this plugin and then go ahead and activate it so that plug-in has now been activated okay so now once you’ve done that we can move on to step number four which is to migrate your site now what we're going to be doing is installing that same plug-in on the site that we want to move to and then we’re going to be actually be transferring the whole site over so it's done in just two quick steps so let's go ahead and do it now if we go to the menu on the left and scroll down until you see all-in-one WordPress migration you can just go overdo export and this is where we're going to be able to export our website so if we just go over to the little export to button and click on it we're going to be exporting a file now a quick tip is to also export one to Google Drive or any other drive that's on the internet so, that you can access it from any computer it’s always nice to have a backup of your website somewhere on the internet but for right now we're just going to do agile and this should only take a few minutes so now just click on the download button right here and now youkan see it's now downloading to our Downloads folder okay so now we want To go ahead and move the file that we just downloaded from our old domain name overdo our new one so as you can see our new one over here on the right is completely blank and if you check the domains they're different so we've got create cool website.

 which is the new one and then Dale and McManus which is my name which is the old one so first let's just go to the dashboard for our new WordPress Dominion so we're just going to go to the back button which will take me to my dashboard I'm going to open up the menu and we’re go back to plugins and then we're just gone go down to add new and then just search for plugins right here and search for all in one more time and then just scroll down and you'll see the same plug-in that we did for the old website you’ll just want to install that one and then activate it awesome so now that that’s activated we're just going to go back to the menu and we're gone scroll down until we see all-in-one WordPress migration and then you're just going to click on import so we just want to export from this site and then import onto this site so I'm just going to go to import from and then just click on file and then just go ahead and grab that file that we downloaded earlier so it’s most likely in your downloads folder unless you moved it somewhere else in my case I just moved it onto my desktop so I’m going to select that file and then click on open and then just give this minute to load and it will say this import process is going to overwrite the current website that's on this domain and that's okay because it was just our basic.

 WordPress template so I'm gonna go ahead and click on proceed and I'm going Togo ahead and close out of this so its tops bouncing now it says your site has been imported successfully so I'm just gonna go ahead and click on finish now just go up to home and then go over to visit site and I'm gonna go ahead and visit site on the old website as well so we can compare awesome so as you can see the websites are exactly the same so as I scroll down everything matches which is awesome okay guys so that was how to move a WordPress website to a new domain if you found this video helpful please consider subscribing to my channel because the more subscribers I get the more opportunity I have to create helpful tutorials and if you want to be notified of more videos like this then feel free to hit that little notification bell on your screen alrightguys thank you for watching and I will see you on the next Tutorial

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