How To Create Menu In Elementor Plugin in Wordpress

everybody my name is Marcus tone and in this tutorial I will show really simple way how we can create a menu for your Elementor website so let's start the first thing I recommend is just deleting the basic menu we'll have on your element website with also the site title and everything so what you want to do is just click here to settings in the left down corner and change the page layout to elemental canvas right when you have it- bored on WordPress go to appearance and click on menu here you can just edit every single menu you got so right now.

I get a home classes travel blog about the night mode I can editor a the pages here can add posts to my menu custom links or categories and now you can also create a really simple drop-down menu if you want so just taking it and paste it under the one and it will create automatically drop down menu so now when we got it and it's like really simple really easy just click Save menu and youkan also like edit every single finger Save menu now right now let's create the menu with our header what you want to do is on Windows press ctrl shift L or on Mac press command shift NL so I'm on Windows I'll press control shift L and you can just choose category here and just go to blocks and right here header now you can really choose which header we actually want it's completely up to you but I will go with this one the first one let's click insert right when I got it.

I will go to navigator and I would sing there header up and this header contains three columns the first one is an image show you the second one is menu column and the third one is phone call what were interested right now is a menu column as you can see we got drop down menu here you so we can like edit everything here okay you can change the contemn column with to have it in the middle then you get like style here change the colours change the text hereof as much as you want is really up joyous that's pretty much it and this is how we do it like it's completely the same if you would like to create your own let’s go with the free combs herewith I would go with our style background type I would go with a gradient colour first would be blue with the blue colour now second colour would be light blue okay now we got like lay out here structure is fine should we find advanced I’m going to change the bedding here little bit so it's like it looks like header and now what I'm going to do is that I’m going to just add a layout here so I'm going to add an image right here this is going to be logo but we want to have it like medium here and changed you.

Now this won't work Oh you yep this is what we're looking for so this will be my logo here that I would adhere pretty simple pretty easy this is what I was looking for then we are going to add navigation menu right here and as you can see so we need to align it so middle we need to make it bigger then we need to go to style and change the vertical padding so have it like cantered on the middle now I will just also text colour will be white pretty simple pretty easy cool we have it central middle nice and on the right side I can add search or really whatever search form look at this size again I would edit it like this you can change the icon and everything what I will do is that I am going to make these much smaller you and I'm going to try to find some good logo here let's see if it works out yep but we need to make much larger you so we can make it also you like this like this okay this should be it so this is how we do tutorial guys it's like really simple really easy but this is like really similar things so thank everybody if you have any questions guys ask me down below in comments thank you have a great day and good bye

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