Google Adsense FULL Tutorial (2020)

Welcome everybody my name is Marcus tone tutorial and in this video, I want to show you how the tutorial you can register for AdSense account we tutorial can even say this is a beginner's guide tutorial I did not like any other  tutorial  on tutorial Adsense this is why I'm making it tutorial because I'm going to explain you tutorial everything how it works what you need to tutorial do how to apply for how to have your tutorial account verify everything so let's get the tutorial started first there options you can earn tutorial money from your YouTube you can earn tutorial money from your site or you can earn tutorial money from the application if you have for tutorial Google Play and we're just going to made tutorial up some website here if you have a tutorial YouTube channel this is a really important tutorial the same you can apply from channel tutorial status and features you will click here tutorial monetization enable and you can enable tutorial through here and it will automatically tutorial connect it to Adsense account this is tutorial really important to remember email tutorial address let's use this one I have tutorial prepared can helpful Adsense info now we tutorial don't want it to save and continue tutorial okay now serve the country.

You need a tutorial to choose your country where you from a tutorial, I'm from Slovakia so let's go tutorial I accept create account tutorial okay okay it started now you have tutorial account type this is important if you tutorial is starting out and if you're gonna tutorial have a really low income let's say one tutorial hundred two hundred dollars monthly go tutorial with an individual and why you should go tutorial for individual not business because when tutorial you will add your bank account you don't tutorial have a company bank account tutorial it will ask you for your name on your tutorial bank and if you have a company you need a tutorial to write there your company bank name I tutorial hope you get it so when you have tutorial individual let's say that my name is tutorial Marcus stone.

 I will write here Marcus tutorial stone but if I choose the business you need a tutorial to write your also a business name so if the tutorial you have income three-four thousand and tutorial more monthly go with the business I'm tutorial right now about two thousand dollars tutorial monthly from YouTube so I choose tutorial individual Marcus stone you need to set tutorial up your address here let's name it tutorial doesn't really matter tutorial okay post our code like that phone tutorial number I don't need it right now but I'd tutorially hear your phone number when we have it tutorial everything like this click Submit and tutorial you need to verify your a number so let's tutorial write it here so and on your mobile tutorial phone the verification will come you tutorial just need to write them to submit and here the tutorial we go and now I'm going to show you the tutorial inside of Adsense.

Really important stuff tutorial the first thing you need to go is to go tutorial to the payments tutorial and you will see here that your earnings tutorial and you will send your payment once your tutorial payment reso is reached its 70 euro or tutorial $100 when you get the first 100 doors tutorial first what they need to do is to manage tutorial payment methods tutorial and you need to add a payment method and tutorial you can see it here did I need to just tutorial need to add a name or bank account even tutorial and swift because I'm in Europe and as a tutorial, you can see right now I got my account tutorial verify but how it went the tutorial process I had to send myself from Google tutorial money like 77 cents I verified that ok tutorial it was 77 cents they sent me and voila tutorial here regarded the another thing you need a tutorial to do is to verify your billing address tutorial when you get those 100 dollars they will tutorial send you a pin code and as you can see tutorial they are sending on this channel I have a tutorial and it would take two to four weeks so I tutorial was 12 it would take like two weeks to tutorial get here I will worry five here the pin tutorial and voila the money will start floating tutorial through my bank account and that's a kind tutorial of it ok and also, another thing I wanted tutorial to show you how it's paid tutorial it starts like this right now is August tutorial the payment the money from YouTube to tutorial Adsense so let's add a YouTuber I get tutorial estimated revenue on YouTube and we then tutorial we get Adsense account every from 12 to tutorial 16 of September next month money from tutorial YouTube will go the tutorial we'll go to AdSense account on 21st of tutorial every month money from Adsense account tutorial will go to a bank account so again let's tutorial have our salsa situation December okay tutorial let's say that it's .

December from 1 to tutorial 31 December I will see money in 12 of 16 tutorial of January for December for the whole tutorial man I will see it, hero, on Adsense, so for tutorial example this was July but one of my tutorial channels was monetized on the end of the tutorial job that's because you see on only 500 tutorial euro here tutorial 20:16 of January for December and now tutorial 21st of January I will get money from tutorial Adsense account to my bank account let's tutorial see this is how what you need to care tutorial about this is how it works and it's tutorial really simple tutorial there is nothing tragic about this also tutorial what I recommend you can have if you tutorial want to have more accounts just you need tutorial if you want to have more YouTube tutorial channels just add them to one AdSense tutorial account like I do I have more tutorial.

 Google Adsense accounts but because I tutorial have also other stuff like family member tutorial has a AdSense that we have etc so what tutorial you need to figure it out if you wanna tutorial have if you forgot if you will forgot tutorial may be your email account or your name  tutorial  what you need to do is to change the tutorial address so let's say that you this is my tutorial and I had addressed say some Street 21 tutorial what I need to do is to change those  tutorial  settings Street to create a new account  tutorial  street 21 a so AdSense won't block your tutorial  and this is how we can do that so this  tutorial  is how this is how does Google AdSense  tutorial work for you - mostly I don't have site  tutorial  don't have I have only YouTube  tutorial  channels and yep hope you enjoy this

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