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So today in this tutorial we're going to be showing you guys three of the simplest and most important SEO or search engine optimization tips you can do to improve your site so first what we're going to do we're going to go down to what we're going to go into our blogger select a blog we're going to work within this case this blog is called rules for rebels just like the youtube channel and we're going to go to settings now under settings one of the first things you're going to do is go description when you first get this setup there's going to be a yes or no do you want a description and you are going to say yes you do want a description so you're going to click yes it's going to ask you to do a description of your website so this is an I actually had to correct this but business and lifestyle entrepreneurs young professionals adventures investors Realtors web trip owners etc. 

This blog is about you know entrepreneurship making money online things like that so you're going to click yes you're going to put in a description of your blog whatever it happens to be just kind of an overall description of the site and you're going to click Save Changes now what that going to do if we go look at posts and let's see where we got what is article spinning should you spend articles. so we're going to click that and typically you're not going to have on your blogger you probably aren't going to see this custom robot because we haven't made that change your blog yet you're probably not also not going to see search description box so when we click search description we can plug in whatever we want here article spinning is what's not some may refer to as plagiarizing article spinning is essential, taking someone else article or content excited so basically just got I just want to be using the first paragraph from here really you should probably write your own custom thing about what the article is about but as soon as you make the change to your blogger about having description all the sudden this here the search description is going to appear and you're going to be able to put in a search description.
This is actually creating meta tags if I'm not mistaken so we're going to go back to let's see well just update that we haven't really made any changes we're going to update that so that's the first change you're going to make is you're going to add a search description to your blog and again you're just going to go to your blog go down to settings right here on the first page under basic   going to make that change right here now you got a search description and meta tags so that's the first SEO tip there next we're going to go to search preferences now there are two things we're going to do here the first is we're going to go to the custom robots header tags we're gonna switch that from no to yes and here's what you're going to want to click for homepage you're going to click all and no o2 Pete ODP next under archive and search pages you're going to click no index and no ODP and lastly for default for posts and pages you're going to click all and no ODP so that's what you're going to click Save Changes Nexis custom robots yes you want to use custom robots and this is what it should look like right here now how do you get that you're probably asking right okay so we're going to view our blog.

I forget the site that I like to go to create sitemap which one is it I think it's this on okay so we're going to click in our Putin our blog name there and this isn't don't I want okay sorry we had to interrupt there real quick I defined the site so the site is going to be ctrl Q org backslash blogger backsplash now here's what we're going to do I showed you guys we pulled up our blog so that's our blog address we're going to take that we're going to plug it into here it normally fails the first time we'll see if it actually works or not yup it actually did a lot of times it'll say oh you know you just tried it you can't do it again but if that happens just keep trying it'll go through we're going to copy and paste this right there you're going to leave off the blogger sitemap you're going to copy that we can get rid of that you're going to go back into custom robots.txt you're going to paste that in and you're going to save the changes now one thing you're going to want to do you're also going to want to submit a sitemap 

I was actually gonna make a separate tutorial for this but I'll show you guys right now copy and paste the end this atom XML this is your sitemap basically we're going to save the changes there we're then going to go to Google Webmaster Tools and this is something else I'm not going to really get into this but this is something else you can want to do I figure as long as I'm showing you this here we might as well show this but basically what you're going to do is you're going to go to crawl sitemaps and here you'll see me already have mine created but you're going to add and test a sitemap and you're going to do it two ways first you're going to type in sitemap dot XML and you're going to the type you can test it first if you want it should work you're going to submit it then you're going to do it again and this time you are going to copy and paste in this atom dot XML and the rest and this is actually what you got by highlighting this here 

Again you're going to submit it check it and you're good to go and that's how your pages are going to get indexed but just to give you guys a quick recap so the three probably most important SEO tips you can do herein 2015 is under basic you are going to add a description click yes and add a description for your blog you're then going to go to search preferences you're going to do the custom robots which Is when we copy and paste that in and then you're going to make the changes to your custom robots header tags so it's all we're going to do and I think you'll be amazed how powerful this is for making your blog easier for Google and other search engines to find so I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial like I said these are three of the top SEO tips you can do in 2015 for bloggers these features are relatively new and relatively recent in the past if you wanted to do stuff like this you would actually actually have to go into the header and actually edit the HTML and this can get kind of confusing for people who are new so you know it's kind of nice that blogger has you know changed some options and given us the options to you know use customrobots.txt sitemaps meta tags all that type of stuff so hope this tutorial helped you out if you guys have any questions or comments or if you want another tutorial made showing any of the stuff and more detail feel free to leave a comment below this tutorial and we'll go ahead and show you how to do that but yeah do these three things very simple very easy even if you're a beginning blogger or just getting started with SEO and things like that you should be able to handle this so.

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